Gold Bond Ultimate

I just love how the Lord speaks through the natural!  It is easy for me to receive a word for the body during prayer.  I simply ask and a vision comes.  Not so today.  No matter how hard I prayed, I got nothing.  I finally decided maybe it wasn’t His timing and I would just love on Him for the duration of my lunch break.  When our time in the Spirit lifted the Lord directed my eyes to a bottle of Gold Bond-Ultimate (lotion) sitting on my desk.  My spirit quickened and I knew the Lord was getting ready to speak to me through it.

We are bonded as one in Christ and Christ to us!!  He is our Ultimate Gold Bond, for He is life’s highest form of value!!  1 Cor. 12:12  For as the body is one and has many members, but all the members of that one body being many, are one body, so also is Christ. 

As I’ve said before, revelations from the Lord can be multifaceted.  How much better to get wisdom than gold, to get insight rather than silver! Prov. 16:16 NIV… If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be give him. James 1:5 ESV.  The Word of God references His “spiritual” Wisdom from Heaven as more valuable than “natural” gold and silver, gold and silver being the highest form of monetary value on earth, and He will pour it out to each one of us…WITHOUT MEASURE!!  I want that, Lord!!! It always goes back to intimacy, a hunger and thirst for righteousness and to know how to access first, the Heavenly treasures, so that we can, second, receive the treasures on earth.

The Word of God references the value of gold throughout His Word as the highest form of natural wealth.  First gold, then silver.  Gold’s rarity, even in biblical times, gave it a monetary value of highest standards and is still used as a measure of prominence to this day.  The Bible often mentions gold as a form of imbursement or contribution made to kings and queens. Church, THAT’S US!!!  We are Kings and Queens in the Kingdom of God!!  Proverbs 10:22 tells us…The blessing of the LORD makes a person rich, and He adds no sorrow to it!!  We have to get this!!  He associates the spiritual with the natural, the spiritual being the first and highest form of wealth!! AND if God freely gives WISDOM, then it must be true also in the natural!! He freely gives GOLD (representing natural wealth) … It’s the Ultimate Gold Bond!!

My word for this week is WEALTH!!  I declare and decree that the Spirit of Wisdom overtake each person reading this right now!! I declare that this is the era of the transference of wealth for the church for Kingdom advancement!!  I just saw, by His Spirit, millions of large red balloons and as the Lord spoke, each one burst and money floated, like confetti, over our ministries, our homes, our family’s homes, our businesses.  Receive!!  Yes, it is biblical!! Yes, the Lord calls us Kings and Queens and the enemy can no longer withhold!!!  If the pagan kings and queens received wealth, then MORE so for Kingdom Kings and Queens!!  I see someone moving an item from your wish list to your checkout cart!!  Do it!!  Checkout!!!  I see someone paying a medical bill, and the Lord wants you to know that your portion will  not only cover your medical bill, but He is freeing you of all debt.  I hear the Lord saying, “Trade it in!!”  There is someone who has wanted to go to Israel for a long time.  The Lord says, “Pack now, pack light!!”  Woo Hoo!!!  Whew… Thank you, Lord.  Oh, Yeshua, I see you laying your life on the cross as a bond for our freedom!!!  THE ULTIMATE GOLD BOND!!  I can hardly contain myself!!  Praise HIM!!
Blessings, Sherri

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10/10/2019  CONFIRMATION!!!!  The LORD has confirmed this word and He wants you to receive it!!  It is for you!!  Testimony:   I went home on my lunch break to work out and turned the TV on to ISN, Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural.  Unfortunately I got in on the tail end, so not sure who was speaking, but the word was PURE GOLD!!!  Catch it in the archives!!  He said that WISDOM is as GOLD and we will receive our natural wealth through WISDOM!!  Not verbatim, but he said, “The Lord does not determine your harvest, you do!!  Like the farmer gets to choose his harvest by how much he chooses to plant, so we get to choose our harvest by the amount of GODLY WISDOM we obtain!!!  The Word of God is not a play on words, rather, He associates one with the other, Wisdom with Wealth!!!  What is the Lord saying to you about your financial situation?  Your financial situation is about to change!!!!   LOVE YOU, Sherri