While in prayer I began to see by Holy Spirit a vision:  From behind the clouds of a beautiful blue sky appeared a rugged, blood stained, cross and I heard a still small voice…”Stay, stay your eyes here…!”  Scenes from The Passion of the Christ began to flash before my eyes and no matter how I tried to “unsee” the images of what gruesome cruelty and suffering our Lord and Savior endured, or shake free from the scenes, they just kept coming. Flooded with emotions, I covered my face and cried.  “Behold the cross,” I heard, and when I looked back, the cross was armored by a blood stained shield.  Vision ended.  For a time, all I could do was sit in silent reverence.  Oh how I love You, Yeshua.  As I began to pray I heard, “Blue Cross/Blue Shield.”  Of course this sounded like maybe something of the flesh but, still sitting quietly in the weight of His presence, I chose not to deny Him His precious creativity as He lingered there with me.  I love biblical symbolism, and I began to record the revelation… Blue Cross/Blue Shield is a medical health insurance company, which the Lord reminded me, requires a “premium agreement.” The Lord continued to bring revelation, and I could only shake my head at where He was taking me. “The ultimate premium contract signed in My blood at the cross is your indemnity, and that of the highest quality care do I care for you!! My contract covenant with you has no pre-existing condition clauses that would prevent immediate attention, so bring me your worst case scenario, right now, and watch Me resolve it for you,” says the Lord. “Your Shield of Faith is insured by My blood, therefore, allow not a spirit of fear to breach our agreement.”  Wow, our God is an awesome God!!  I knew, without doubt, that the Lord wanted me to prophesy His Heart in reference to the plague (calling it what it is) that is shaking the entire world.  Because I refuse to listen to the media, nor view what prophesies have subsequently flooded Elijah List (because I don’t have the time, nor want to be influenced), this revelation is not repetitious.  “The world denies My existence,” says the Lord, “therefore, the world, in all its fear, controls this plague’s gravity.”  We do have compassion and pray for those who have not yet accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior, and we stand on God’s purpose in all things to draw a lost and dying world to Himself, however, “Stay attentive your own spiritual welfare to see that you are not persuaded,” I heard the Lord say, “for you are called to intercede and to TESTIFY!!”  Completely unmoved by the ever changing opinions that have passed through my ears on a daily basis regarding this virus, this morning my faith was compromised.  Around 9 am a member of management stepped into my office to question whether my coughing was normal, or if it had just started.  I sat there for a few seconds, then responded in truth, “It just started a few days ago, but I feel fine.”  Again, around 9:30, another member stepped into my office, “You don’t have corona, do you?”  We both laughed, however, the coughing persisted, followed by heaviness in my chest, until fear set in…and strong…just that quick.  I thought, “…this surely is not happening,” but the Lord quickened my spirit that I was being tested and that He desperately needed me to pass this one, if only for a testimony.  “Do not rebuke the virus out of fear,” I heard, “for to rebuke it is to believe that it exists in you, thus, opening a door for legal access!!!”  What I feared has come upon me; what I dreaded has happened to me. Job 3:25 NIV.  “Rebuke the symptoms, for symptoms, how you “feel,” although real, WILL deceive you.”  Wow, Lord, thank you!!!  Let this be our approach to this threat, for, as children of the Most High, we have all authority!!   As I sit here bringing this word to a close, the Lord is reminding me of His call to prophetic intercession.  How many people who are called to prophetic intercession, who feel other’s physical pain in their own bodies, are right now, this very moment, being treated for the symptoms of a disease that was initially meant to be experienced so that someone else would be healed?  Oh Jesus!!  This very thing happened to me during this last flu epidemic!!  I experienced every one of the flu symptoms, however, when I got to the urgent care clinic, there was no sign of anything.  It was then that the Lord told me that, had I interceded for him who had the flu, I would not have had to make that drive.  Wow…Thank you, Lord.  We are called today to accept the power and authority given us to stop all diseases and demonstrate the miraculous for the Glory and Name of Yeshua.  Let us pray and intercede for those who need your healing touch in this time of uncertainty.  Let them find You in chaos.  Thank You, Lord, that we are of a sound mind to discern correctly Your direction as we pray from Heaven to earth.  Blessings, and I love you all.  Sherri