First, let me take a moment to explain how the Lord speaks to me.  While praying I will see short life-like screen-plays, playing out in front of my eyes.  I used to rebuke those snippits because I thought it a hindering spirit trying to steal my time with the Lord.  At His direction, however, I began to write the visions and, just as is with dream interpretation, the prophetic word would come to life!!! Thankfully, the Lord has given me an ability to express His Heart through writing, and for this, I am grateful. I petition Him for the same expressiveness in speech.  Do it LORD!!! I BELIEVE!!  Back to the vision:  In the vision I was inside a gym and I knew I was there to watch my granddaughter’s basketball game.  I looked over to my left and on the wall was a large banner with the words “GO LIONS”!!  I stood up and shouted, “GO LIONS, GO LIONS!!!”  At that, one of the girls, the smallest girl on the court, stole the ball from the opposing team, ran down court and, in the most graceful form, made the perfect layup.  With shocked expressions, the opposing teammates shifted glances of unbelief by what had just happened, frustrated by having failed to see it coming!  The whole crowd stood up, clapping, yelling, “GO LIONS, GO LIONS, GO LIONS!!”  Vision ended.  Now, in the natural, it would be easy to push that vision aside as flesh since I do go to the gym to watch my granddaughter, Olivia, play basketball, however, I am not one to yell loud, nor was this a repeat of the natural …LOL… so I said, “Yes, Lord,” when I heard Him say, “Look deep.”   Interestingly, Lion is symbolic for “Apostle”.  The Apostle’s spirit is like that of a roaring LION, yet has the gentle, patient, nature of a lamb. I can attest to this in my own Apostle. I LOVE how to Lord speaks through symbolism!!!  One thing I have been taught by Holy Spirit alone is that when He gives a vision with a modern setting as this one, He is speaking of what He is doing in the here and now.  This is what the Lord is saying:  Although there are those who oppose this day’s Apostle and the apostolic movement, this skepticism will not amend the Word of God that:  Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. (Heb. 13:8).  So…He alone chooses how He will pour out His Spirit to whomever He Wills, if He Wills…and He Wills!!  We just cannot put God in a box.  The KJV Dictionary defines Apostle: An appellation of Jesus.  The definition of appellation:  The act of giving a name to someone or something. Just as Jesus’ 12 disciples were an appellation of Jesus, the Apostle today is an appellation of Holy Spirit, ordained in The “COURT” of Heaven, and governed by God Himself!!  WOW!!!  Eph 3:5 says, “Whereby, when ye read, ye may understand my knowledge in the mystery of Christ, which in other ages was not made known unto the sons of men, as it is now revealed unto his holy apostles and prophets by the “SPIRIT…” emphasis mine.…The shift has taken place in the spiritual realm as the Apostle, in the natural, “steals past” the hindrances of the former season, leaving the enemy in a state of confusion. What appeared irrelevant (small) in the last season will now prove significant as the Apostolic church arises to even greater heights. “My Apostles are now in position,” says the Lord, “to WOW the masses with demonstration of the miraculous by My Spirit, for I will see to it!”  You who have fallen in sync with this movement, as well, have been given the strategies necessary to outwit the enemy and the Lord is setting you up for greater opportunities and wide(er)-spread influence, simply because you follow the Apostle’s lead!!  “The “goal?”  Restoration of My church,” says the Lord… “Restoration is My goal and I will achieve My purpose during this transitional flow, however long it may take.” The ball is in the Apostle’s court to set the foundation in this hour, then Prophets to advise the timing and direction, then Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers to make it all “gel”.  Eph 4:11-12 And he gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the shepherds and teachers to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ …” The Lord is opening spiritual eyes to see your Heavenly allies standing in to assist you, for there are more who are for you than against you in this move of God. Move with the form and grace by which He moves, for this strategy will make you invisible as you maneuver through the enemy’s camp, crushing idols in the spiritual realm. You will identify pagan alters that have long been hidden behind the name of “Jesus,” and deception will be exposed. Those who whisper “occult” among themselves, because they understand NOT what I am doing in you, will be the very ones to seek your refuge as your anointed intercession continues to weaken the enemy’s authority over their lives; your love for God’s people is slamming shut the doors to their pagan practices.  “Watch me put the Truth of Who I am back into proper perspective,” says the Lord!!”  As an Apostle, your heart already matches His Heart to see people set free, so consider it DONE on a wide scale.  You must DECLARE IT, BELIEVE IT BY FAITH!! Go LION!!  “And still”, says the Lord of Heaven’s Host, “I will move in the hearts of those who are called to come into alignment with you and what I am using you to accomplish in this hour.  You, Apostle, are modeling My Heart for My church as you stay in sync with Holy Spirit. Go ahead!! Roar LION!! For you are in My Graces!  As I am, you, too, must accept that not all will submit, for the risk of losing reputation with the world is too high a sacrifice.  Stay not in mourning for them for long, rather trust that I have placed My hands on their hearts!!” We cheer you on, Apostles, as you move strategically to develop and execute the plans for Kingdom advancement!!  We cheer you on as the trends of this decade shift in favor of the apostolic because of you.  GO LIONS!!! GO LIONS!!  GO LIONS!!  Wow, thank you Yeshua.  I dedicate this word to you, Rosemary McLean, and to all the Apostles who are coming out of shadows!!  GO LIONS!!! Oh thank you Lord!! Blessings dear friends in Yeshua!!  Sherri