While praying for a word for the body of Christ I began to see by Holy Spirit a large wall clock.  I listened to the ticks of the second hand as it moved around its face, but the ticks sounded unusually far apart and moving so slow that I grew painfully sleepy.  By Holy Spirit, however, I knew that I was to continue to stay alert, watch and listen!  I heard what sounded like a whining, so, in the Spirit, I opened my eyes to witness the second hand accelerate to a speed so fast that the numbers on the face of the clock became a blurr…all except the hour hand which sat on the 9 o’clock hour.  Vision ended.   As with dreams, visions require interpretation. As I pursued the Lord for the meaning of this I felt a strong sense of urgency rise up. “Pay attention to the acceleration of the signs of the ‘times'”, says the Lord.  The past decade not only pushed hard the agenda for prophesied globalization, the enemy’s motion to desensitize the hearts of His chosen generation was neither abandoned…and his agenda pushes on with increasing momentum. Modern culture, especially entertainment, portrays witchcraft and idolatry as exciting and cool.  Schools are not only encouraging fornication, but coaching our children on HOW it’s done!!  Anything goes. Children born of the last decade, unless reared in the admonition of the Lord, will not know what opposes God. Nothing forbidden, even in the churches, the enemy’s plan for those to…perish for lack of knowledge, will appear victorious as time moves on.  “HOWEVER”, says the LORD, “Decree My Will and watch Me perform it!!” …Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done on earth, as it is in heaven! (Matthew 6:10)  Thank you, LORD!   We decree a new course of action in the body of Christ!!  No more compromise!  Biblically, number 9 represents completeness or finality.  With God’s final judgement of the demonic influence from the past decade, satan’s governance has not only weakened…the plan to “lull-to-sleep” the saints has turned on his own head, clearing the path, particularly, for those who near the age of accountability.  There is an excitement welling up for this new era!  DECLARE…We determine to move according to Divine Direction!!  The anointed prayers of Christ’s Ambassadors has reached the Throne Room of Grace and I hear the Lord saying, “The hardest part…having pinpointed the places where the enemy has set up camp and laid claim, is over, and I release to you My next strategic move…simply blow the enemy from the scene.”  Wow!!  How can that be?  Call forth the Breath of God, the Wind of Holy Spirit and exercise GREAT FAITH!!!  We call forth the wind of God…BLOW!!! I see the enemy’s power compromised as the Wind of Holy Spirit blows over individuals, buildings, homes, cities, counties, and nations, churches!!  Expect to feel a release in the atmosphere!!  The supernatural must become the natural for us if we are to operate in this dimension!  “My own agenda,” says the Lord, “will obstruct the enemy’s plan as I visit the young and old in the night seasons, with specifics on what they are called to do and the Power available to do it.  My presence will be the new source of addiction as I linger long, even in the most unusual places. Secular media will falsify testimonies in an effort to explain away the revival outbreak in the schools, giving credit to unknown phenomenon. Most things as this you will never even hear of, however, you will know of them because YOU will have the courage to be part of it…the carriers of His Glory!!!”  Suicide rate will drop as inner healing and deliverance become the antidote for depression, low self-esteem and the likes.  I have to write what I see!!  It’s almost overwhelming!!  “My forerunners, the seasoned in the things of Holy Spirit and the Truth of My Word,” I’m hearing, “will be given the “tap” to a constant flow of revelation, followed by the display of the miraculous.”  We have to do what we see the Father do!!!  Keep a pad and pen handy wherever you go!!!  Acts 2:17 “In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people.  Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.”   The clock is ticking and we are fast approaching the time of God’s final judgment of ALL things!!  The next great move of God is at hand!!  I am not judging churches, but I must encourage you… If you have been sitting in a pew for longer than a year and have not been encouraged to operate in your God-ordained calling, your spirit man is asleep!!  The world is missing out on YOUR anointing and you are falling short.  It’s time to take dominion over the religious spirit and seek His Highest for your life.  Blessings and love to all, Sherri