Being a part of New Birth Ministries has changed my life in so many ways. I have seen myself blossom into the person God as called me to be more and more each day. I have learned that being a part of God’s Kingdom is more than attending service every week. Having the experience of being part of the core group at New Birth has taught me how to accept change, to want and expect growth in your life, and to move with God and what He is saying in the NOW! I have grown in my identity by learning how to recognize who I am in the body of Christ. It also taught me how to recognize certain things about myself that would let me know which spiritual gift or office gift I operate in.  I have received growth and healing in places in my life that I thought could not happen in one point of my life. I am still expecting the supernatural move of God to continue to accelerate me into the Evangelist office he has given to me. I expect him to use me in a mighty way to touch and heal lives in any way that I can with the power and authority He has given me to operate in my gifting. I also expect deeper level and new move of God’s glory in my life as I operate in my office gift.


I thank God for sending me Apostle Rosemary’s way.  The Lord introduced me to Apostle Rosemary by way of the Washington Co Healing Rooms.  Shortly after, the Lord told me to join her small group.  Apostle Rosemary took me under her wings, she believed in me, and never ceased to speak Christ’s Highest calling into my life.  With compassion, patience and kindness, she has never stopped lifting me up.  Apostle Rosemary has taken me through several years of inner-healing and ordained me a Prophet, and she has taught me how the Apostle and Prophet work together for the five-fold ministry.  A TRUE Apostle, Rosemary has helped me find esteem and know who I am in Christ, and I am blessed that The Lord loved me so much as to give me the best friend one could possibly have.


Hi, This is Anne. I’ve been seeking the “something more” ever since God started becoming real when I as a little girl. I thank God for my family and the wise members of the body of Christ. I grew up in church, and various ministries. However, as God would speak to me, I often felt disconnected from the church. Then God placed 5 beautiful sisters in my life. Classes with practical teaching. Unwavering acceptance and encouragement and loving confrontation. Currently I serve as pastor, but there is more. My future holds international ministry, healing ministry.  There are great moves of God coming and I expect to be positioned to explain to others how God can fulfill their calling. The five fold ministry works.  I pray someone connects with this.


I remember growing up in the church and seeing and feeling the Holy Spirit move within that place. I knew there had to be more to God than what I could see, because of the sensations that ran through me like an electrical current. My heart yearned for more. It would be years, before Apostle Rosemary began to teach and share things about the Fathers heart. Things I often questioned or pondered. But now I see change within myself. I did not think it was possible to be totally free from generational curses or a lifetime of self doubt and fear, but I am a living testimony. I now have a newfound boldness that proclaims Ye’shua is my King and I am His Beloved! Every level we take as one, shows the realness of God. The healing that is obtained on every level is a reassurance of His great Love toward us. He is Awesome!


Prayer every morning has been an exceptional.  I can’t put into words how each day brings new life, new revelation, a knowing of my identity in God.  Today we were asked to speak in tongues throughout the entire day.  I did just that and I have never felt so empowered.  Thanks so much for giving us Ezekiel 37 to read.  I read it, and had a good feeling running through me.  The message was tailor made to fit me and what I am going through right now.  I also felt a something moving in me when you prayed about witchcraft.


WOW!! Prayer this morning was wonderful and I am personally receiving a touch!!! The heavens opened up during prater this morning, I could see it.  I expected to see the angels and I saw one today.  Thank you for your encouragement.