With a leap of faith, I will be writing each week about a topic that is unfamiliar territory to most Christians. This week I would like to share some truths with the Body of Christ concerning Women Apostles. We are women who love the Lord, love our families, and are servants in the Kingdom of God. We desire to grow in faith, utilize the tools of prayer and biblical reading, to spiritually mature to know the height, depth, and width of His love. We do not look alike or sound alike. We have different professions and careers, but God is calling us to know and understand our roles in His Kingdom.

Many women do apostolic work, but these topics are to those women called by God as a Five-Fold Ministry Apostle. Over the years there has been a lot taught, studied, and encouraged concerning Prophets. This was all needed for a time, but it is now the time of the Apostles. Women Apostles will be at the forefront of what God is doing in the earth. Be assured, the prophets will co-labor with the apostles so that the Five Fold ministry can be fully demonstrated in the earth.

Many days Apostle Women find life difficult rather than easy, complex rather than simple, chaotic rather than peaceful. But there is a call on our lives, and we must answer the call. I hear the Lord say, “It is time now to move into everything I have for you, so that My purpose and plans for My life in you and through you would be known.” The calling is larger than what your mind could wrap around. You have questioned yourself, “Can a woman be called to walk with Jesus in a way that brings forth such an anointing to help others like in the days of the bible?” I sense the Lord is saying, “Just as I walked with Mary Magdalene, I will walk with you.”

My call to function in this gift was unexpected. It was at a time when I needed to stop busyness in my life. See, I was doing good things, putting His ministry work first, helping others, attending all church meetings; but I stopped allowing Him to speak to me personally about every GOOD thing I was doing. I knew something had changed in our relationship. I wanted Him to be more important than anyone or anything in my life, but I felt distant from Him. So, I stopped several things and began to listen to Him again. To me it was so important. It meant taking a week off from work to spend time with Him, because I had to hear Him again.

It was during this prayer time I heard the Words, “YOU ARE MY APOSTLE.” Everything within me came to a resounding stop. Surely, I did not hear You correctly. I listened ever so intently again as if my ears were adjusting to hear really what He was saying. The words rang in my ear once more, “YOU ARE MY APOSTLE.” “I have called you to the nations to plant and uproot, to tear down and to build. I have called you to claim territory for me that has been usurped by the enemy.” To illustrate this, I saw a stake being placed in the ground and on it said, “Yeshua Rules Here.” He said, “I will forever be with you in a special way. I am there, yes right there with you. Sometimes you will know I am walking beside you, and other times you will see a glimpse of my hands in your hands as you lay your hands on my hurting and hopeless children to bring healing and restoration.”

Several Prophets and Ministry Leaders began to confirm this gift and gift characteristics God had given me. All I knew was to walk in obedience.

Weekly I want to share with you some things I have learned to help you launch out into the deep of your call as a Woman Apostle. See you NEXT WEEK.