Installments Available:

The Advance class is all about being active in God’s ordained plan for your life.  No more just dreaming about it.  No more knowing what He is calling you to do and do nothing. No more allowing fear, rejection, abandonment of your past cripple you.  It is time to MOVE FORWARD!

“What to Expect in the Advance Class”

  • In depth review of your personal spiritual profile
  • To Launch:  Find out where your gift is making room for you.
  • Free:  two one-on-one prayer sessions with a trained prayer minister.
  • Receive Level 2 Restored and Made Whole Workbook.
  • Receive more books and cds.
  • To engage your God assignments in your city, county, state, and the nation.
  • To know your target audience each season.
  • Learn about marketplace connections.
  • Find your tribe.
  • Connect with your sphere of influence.
  • Learn leadership skills and the power of influence.
  • Understand deeper aspects of the prophetic.
  • Learn how to build your dream.
  • Learn how to steward financial wealth of the Kingdom.
  • Learn basic principles of entrepreneurship.
  • Learn basics of dream interpretation.
  • Understand how we ALL are sent.
  • Understand basic principles of writing.
  • Learn and understand the power of reading.
  • Opportunities to grow your gifts and skills with New Birth Training center.
  • Receive credentials for your field of ministry.

Register for Advance:  Jan. 2020


Rosemary McLean