Would you believe it all started in 2014?  New Birth Training Center, an Apostolic HUB, located in the heart of Washington County, would be a family of believers who would embrace the LOVE of God and seek to release His LOVE to others.  Through His Love, New Birth trains, equips, prepares, and deploys hungry souls for the advancement of the Kingdom of God in the earth.  Specialty areas of ministry are:  Emotional and mental healing, Office gift placement, apostolic and prophetic training, and prayer ministry.

Meet Our Leadership Team


    Apostle Rosemary McLean                               
Prophetess Sherri Noska
Teacher:  Rozetta McLean  
Pastor:  Anne Schrengauer      


Evangelist:  Shakira 

We are disciples of Ye’shua, our Lord and Savior. Our Apostle has raised us up to function in our gifts and callings, fulfilling many assignments in the earth as it is in heaven.  Just as Paul poured his life into Timothy and Elizabeth poured her life into her cousin Mary, our Apostle gives her life so we would know our life, our identity in Ye’shua.  We are still learning, but now we join hands with her to support, guide, encourage, affirm, and be ever so committed to believing in the potential and future of any believer who desires to uncover their original life plan created by Father God.




John McCrosskey
Lydia McCrosskey
Tricia Schroeder
Janet Lemelle
Audrey Vandenberg
Shakira Ervin
Rozetta McLean
Rosemary McLean